Trustworthy and dependable

“More than 10 years ago when I bought a house in New Zealand for the first time, Paul Gallagher undertook the legal work on my behalf. His service was efficient, courteous and dependable.  I made sure I didn’t lose his business card!

Recently when I sold the same house I called on Paul’s services again.  The transaction was not the most straightforward due to the behaviour of third parties.  Mike Ireland handled the legal work with a responsible and levelheaded approach.  At times he told me things that I didn’t want to hear.  Looking back at the episode now, I realise that Mike’s advice was absolutely correct and that I would have been foolish to ignore it.  Thankfully I didn’t.

I should add that I am living in the UK. Knowing that you have someone like Mike, Paul and the rest of the team at PGL fighting your corner definitely aids restful sleep.  I would not hesitate to recommend the services of PGL to anyone in need of trustworthy and dependable legal representation in New Zealand.

Robert Gallacher, UK.