Is it “fair”?

The National Party has a policy which it intends to introduce whereby new employees are given a 6 month trial or probationary period during which certain different rules are to apply. Do you think this is a fair approach and a reasonable thing to do? Is it “fair” that employers and employees should have such a “shake down” period? What do you think?

A man’s home is his castle…

Or so the saying goes. True perhaps, but one of the problems with modern day castles is they may not have secure parapets and their locations can be known to all. Through the introduction and initial reading of the Companies (Address Information) Amendment Bill, Parliament is looking at allowing company directors to have their residential

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Upcoming changes to PROPERTY tax and TENANCY laws.

Alongside the changes to employment law, the National-ACT-NZ First coalition is bringing in major changes to the property sector. Among the most significant and those likely to affect many of our clients are: TENANCY AND RENTAL MARKET ADJUSTMENTS DEDUCTIBILITY OF MORTGAGE INTEREST FOR LANDLORDS From 1 April 2024, landlords may claim back 80% of the

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