Notarial Services

Notarial Services

A New Zealand Notary Public is appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in England and basically authenticates documents for use overseas.

Documents which are notarised have the Notary’s seal affixed and are embossed with an embossing tool.

When you visit us to have documents notarised you will need to bring the originals of all documents that you want copies done of and in almost all cases you will need some formal identification – usually by photo ID (the most common ones used are either your photo drivers licence or your current passport. If you are unsure of what is a proper ID please ask when you make an appointment.

We assist people from all around the world with their notarial requirements and frequently receive and send documents all over the world. If you are unsure if we can help you or not, please feel free to ask and we can quickly sort things out for you. You will need to allow some time for your appointment as not only does the notarial seal have to be physically affixed to your document or documents but Paul has to enter the details of the documents notarised into his Notarial register for record keeping purposes – this register grows by the day and contains details of thousands of documents Paul has notarised since his appointment in 1993.

Useful Brochures

Notary Public Brochure

The New Zealand Society of Notaries Website

  • Notarising general documents for sending overseas
  • Notarising of copies of passports and academic qualifications
  • Notarising documents for international trade and business
  • Certification of documents for foreign jurisdictions
  • Noting and protesting Bills of Exchange
  • Arranging certification with foreign Embassies and Consulates
  • General Notarial work

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