Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

When to engage Paul

The best time to engage Paul as a mediator or advocate is at the earliest possible time. It needs to be recognised that mediation is a voluntary process, with an outcome that both parties agree to. Because of this, mediation can be highly successful with agreements that are realistic, achievable and effective.


Usually, the best place to start is to complete an employment agreement so that both the employer and the employee have a firm understanding of what is required from both parties. This will provide a solid benchmark of expectations for both parties – part of which is to identify potential areas of conflict and recommend strategies for working through any issues that may arise.

However, if a situation develops whereby either the employer or the employee has a need to seek assistance or advice to resolve an issue, then you may need assistance in the form of a facilitator. We can help engage or mediate all parties in finding an effective solution, assisting in the process of reaching an agreement.


Whether you are married or in a ‘de facto relationship’, heterosexual or same-sex, the Property (Relationships) Act treats these relationships the same when it comes to matters of property and thus sets the ‘benchmark’ for disputes. If you do not want to be covered by the Relationship Property Act, you will need to draw up your own agreement as to how your property will be divided if you decide to separate.

No matter what conditions you find yourself facing, we can help you to draw up your pre-nuptial agreement and work with your partner’s representative to make sure that the contract is fair and both parties’ requirements and taken into account. If the time comes and you do decide to separate, we can also assist mediate the process to a mutually beneficial outcome as Paul is a qualified mediator and has a great deal of experience with such matters. We are highly aware that it can be an emotional time, and although Paul’s role is to be impartial he appreciates the complexities of relationships.

Small Business:

Because we are a small business ourselves we can appreciate the intricacies and pressures that go hand-in-hand with running a business. You may be faced with employment issues, problems with your business partner or partners, or the landscape has changed and it is necessary to change accordingly. We have been working alongside people such as yourselves for many years and have often been involved with successfully mediating a win-win outcome for all parties.

Useful Brochures

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Other Lawyers:

If you are a lawyer representing a party in the throes of a dispute, obviously you cannot actually perform the task of mediator in that dispute. As an experienced and highly skilled facilitator, Paul can assist mediate the process. And, because Paul runs a successful legal practice in his own right, he has a complete understanding of legal intricacies which can prove invaluable when coupled with his expertise in mediation.

To find out how we can help you

check out our complete range of services, contact us for more information or call us on 

(09) 415 9321

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