Too Busy To Ask For Business!

Those of us who are flat out doing what we do best often find ourselves in the position whereby we are “too busy” doing what we do to realise that we all need a steady flow of new work and/or repeat work.

communication-1266211_960_720Have you ever thought that simply by going about your work and dealing with your many “core” customers or clients that they in turn mix and mingle with many other similar folk with similar values, interests and requirements?

So – why not take advantage of this and make it known to your customers or clients as you are dealing with them are only too keen to help where they can – all you have to do is ASK – an that you appreciate their business and enlist their help to grow your business by seeking referrals from their own friends and associates – it is one of the easiest methods of tapping into more work. Also, you will find that your existing customers and clients that is the hardest part for most of us.

Go on – give it a go…………